Monday, July 14, 2014

Sheep think alike.. they figure... if they don't carry the "stranger hate" torch ...who will?.. 

..patriotism = we gotta hate strangers..right?.. people like muslims, jews, whitey..republicans, illegals.... or entire nations like Russia, Mexico and China...

 Just so happens, all these terrorists and radicals live so far away.. we cant, prove or disprove the story about them hating us... seems legit..

Joe Partiot says..

"I aint never hung out in China to form my own opinion or nothin... but, sheeee-it!.. like the fellar on TV says, them foooook'n Chinese...!!! those... gal darn moooother fookers...! doin that shit they is doin!!

...right there!.. what he just said..!.. fuck'n insult to America!!!..and that obamy mooslum aint doing she-it about it!!.." "Russia tells US...".. no they didn't..! 
Some government guy said dudes opinion..
The average Russian has nothing to say to you or least I haven't been flooded with PMs from strangers in Russia talkn shit...complaining about how me gettn through the day annoys Russia...
Any strangers out there who hate me....?  if the US media is talking about you...  why go straight to jihad?!.. shoot me a text first, don't send me a bomb.!.. if you're cool, lets chill, work shit out.. they got skype there?
Im not sending you angry mail to let you know... where you goat herd, on the opposite side of the planet, is a concern to me... I don't give a shit how you get through your day... your goats dont shit in my yard, we're good..

..there are all these terrorists and boogie-men who hate me for being "American", right?.. why haven't they e-mailed me?.. is something about me getting through my santa cruz day offending you 1000s of miles away?.. lets work it out, shoot me a text.. dont send me a bomb... dick move.. I'm cool with what they do...

Male anal hypocrocy

Every straights guys worst nightmare is getting fucked up the ass...balls deep meat hammer in the prison shower... wakes guys up at night.

Yet.. we're perfectly willing to inflict or own personal horror on girls..

Almost every chick with a nice ass we see... we'd like to fuck in the ass,...hard..HARD!!.. fuck that chick like shes YOU, and you're the boogie man butt pirate in your worst ass fucking nightmare.. the one that required therapy and causes uncontrollable crying after sex.. straight deep up her ass, again & again.. bam bam bam... “take that bitch..!...”..again & again...

..and you want her to LIKE IT.. why?..if you find a chick that LIKES what scares you most..she a keeper who can take anything.... anit shit scary enough you can come up to rattle her lady balls.. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"200 U.S. contractors surrounded by jihadists in Iraq", so says the so called "news"..


..1000s of miles away some guys with guns, surround other guys with guns..

..nope, don't care..

.. people who go 1000s of miles to an occupation looking for a gunfight, find one.. and finish 2nd.. should remember: Iraqis, like "Wolverines" in Red Dawn.. enjoy home field advantage.