Thursday, January 12, 2017

A brief lesson in esoteric communication 101

A brief lesson in esoteric communication 101

Unbeknownst to the masses, stateless shadowy overlords have been running various nation states for 1000s of years, since before the Roman empire, they identify themselves via esoteric communication, or symbols, which are "hidden in plain sight" ...meant "For those who have eyes to see", because "None are so blind as those who do not see".

Pictured below: North Korean congress, US congress and 1939 German congress, all of Roman architecture (“All roads lead to Rome”). These buildings are not mere coincidence, their pillars represent a brand name.

Now imagine these building emblazoned with a modern easily recognizable symbol, like the iconic Nike swoosh (“Nike” is a Roman goddess btw)...people would not be blinded by patriotic sentiment, or propagandized dogma, to the fact the same company, or 'overlords', controls all 3 nations...which have simply been 're-branded' for public consumption.

The symbols of authority are “hidden in plain sight”, a symbolic language intended to for “those who have eyes to see”, and are, literally, everywhere. “None are so blind as those who cannot see”, or read, esoteric language.
Roman coin & US Silver coin

An excellent video on this subject is called “The Roman empire rules today”:

Esoteric messages appear in cooperate “news” sources, every day. The photo below is of a man named Andreas Lubitz (story link: employed by the CIA as a pilot for “German wings”, he supposedly committed suicide shortly after this picture was taken.

Note Andreas is sitting on the San Andreas fault (named after the San Andreas ROMAN bascillica) at the entrance of the “Golden gate bridge” in San Francisco Ca, a cursory search of the internet will provide ample examples of political “leaders”, so called, plus countless others, referencing the idea we are at the “Dawn of the golden age” ..a veiled reference to the ages, or aeons, of man by Hesiod ( ) (Iron, Heroic, Bronze, Silver (current) and Golden).

The esoteric message here, “hidden in plain sight”, is that those residing in California, adjacent to the fault, are ostensibly committing suicide and will parish at the foot of the Golden Gate bridge, failing to reach the “Golden Age” (new aeon, or age).

(Side note: the ages of man is also a reference to the metal contained in our DNA, during the Golden Age human DNA will be upgraded to contain monotomic gold (most abundant supplies are in Iraq and Hawaii), which resonates (vibrates) at whats called “M Status” for its super conductivity. This will enable man to both live much longer and will super charge our brains allowing us to retain, literally, every memory from birth. For example, a common 9 volt battery connected to a monatomic gold wire stretching from Los Angeles to New York, will lose no power & deliver all 9 volts coast to coast).

Who these timeless shadowy overlords are, and where they currently live, is known, but an entirely different subject. To understand their methods, why they foment wars, class warfare and allow human suffering...all “problems” they could easily must get beyond the concepts of “good & evil” and accept that everything that occurs, no matter how cruel it appears, is absolutely necessary, even required, for humanity to evolve, or mature, to a higher conscious level. Besides, why should they solve 'problems' we do not solve ourselves?..

We could easily change our world, solve our own problems, by changing the status quo...rejecting the abject bullshit and stale nonsense belched forth by corrupted asshole political party “leaders” and their subservient, and soulless, lackeys on television. As a matter of fact, our overlords are challenging us to grow the fuck up, they would rejoice if we did so! proud the parents of an immature asshole child who grew the fuck up.

Suggested topics to further understand the big picture:
100th monkey (example of “collective conscious” at work)
Mouse Utopia (example of what happens when instinct goes un challenged)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meaning of life & death

― NapolĂ©on Bonaparte
Further reading:
Lost Keys

History shapes ones psychology and consciousness, 3 word altered by "winners" that altered, limited, our understanding of reality: Dead, death and die. For centuries people have been "schooled" a false definition of "death", Earth and what it is to experience being human. Wisdom is not attained by being schooled, rather through admitting ignorance, a taking trek into the rabbit hole of self discovery. "Truth", albeit nebulous, resonates deep inside each of us and is often hidden in plain sight for those who have eyes to see it. The pupil of the eye = student of ID, or "higher self".

The concept that "god spoke the world into existence" is accurate, on a individual personal level...we, as so called "divine souls" (for lack of a better term) were commanded, verbally, by a higher power to sacrifice our "divine" (spiritual) selves and incarnate into mortal bodies. This was understood centuries ago, and encoded into various bible versions..and alluded to by Enoch / Thoth (dead sea scrolls, emerald tablets"

What is the meaning of Earth?, in antiquity Earth was Egypt, the abyss or hell administered by Lucifer and his useful idiot minions.

To "die" is to be commanded for our "soul" to "fall" and "live" on Earth...we fall through the "veil of forgetfulness" into our flesh "tomb" or as we were schooled to believe "womb"
"Death" is the souls life on Earth, ergo we are the "dead". Another example of bible code lost in translation over the years is the meaning of "The red sea", which is our physical bodies... 60% +/- water & red must cross the "red sea", ergo endure a lifetime on Earth, to reach "the mountain of God", however no such place exists, although an archaeological myth... the ancient greeks understood this to mean ascending back to from whence we came....back to "life"...after so called "death" (departure from the physical).

Our mission as students is to attain sufficient wisdom to raise out "Q level", or consciousness, and reach escape velocity (higher vibration) sufficient to ascend, else our "soul" is summarily returned to another tomb/womb for another chance. Once we "learn" not to be fooled by the assholes in charge, we are free. Further details here:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thoth, The Atlantean Tablet 1

Tablet 1

The History of Thoth, The Atlantean 

Tehuti (Thoth) is a representation of a divine, spiritual being.

Khem = Egypt
The Emerald Tablets describe the ego of Thoth passing into the bodies of man. 

§ 1. I, THOTH, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king,
magician, living from generation to generation being about to pass into the halls of
Amenti set down for the guidance of those that are to come after these records of the
mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis.

§ 2. In the great city of KEOR on the island of UNDAL, in a time far past, I began this
incarnation. Not as the little men of the present age did the mighty ones of Atlantis live
and die but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew their life in the Halls of Amenti
where the river of life flows eternally onward.

§ 3. A hundred times ten have I descended the dark way that led into light, and as
many times have I ascended from the darkness into the light my strength and power

§ 4. Now for a time I descend and the men of KHEM (Khem is ancient Egypt) shall
know me no more.

§ 5. But in a time yet unborn will I rise again, mighty and potent, requiring an
accounting of those left behind me.

§ 6. Then beware, O men of KHEM if ye have falsely betrayed my teaching for I shall
cast ye down from your high estate into the darkness of the caves from whence ye

§ 7. Betray not my secrets to the men of the North or the men of the South lest my
curse fall upon ye.

§ 8. Remember and heed my words, for surely will I return again and require of thee
that which ye guard. Aye, even from beyond time and from beyond death will I return
rewarding or punishing as ye have requited your truest.

§ 9. Great were my people in the ancient days, great beyond the conception of the little
people now around me knowing the wisdom of old seeking far within the heart of infinity
knowledge that belonged to Earth's youth.

§10. Wise were we with the wisdom of the Children of Light who dwelt among us.
Strong were we with the power drawn from the eternal fire.

§11. And of all these, greatest among the children of men was my father, THOTME,
keeper of the great temple link between the Children of Light who dwelt within the
temple and the races of men who inhabited the ten islands.

§ 12. Mouthpiece, after the Three, of the DWELLER of UNAL, speaking to the Kings
with the voice that must be obeyed.

§13. Grew I there from a child into manhood being taught by my father the elder
mysteries, until in time there grew within the fire of wisdom, until it burst into a
consuming flame.

§ 14. Naught desired I but the attainment of wisdom. Until on a great day the command
came from the DWELLER of the Temple that I be brought before him. Few there were
among the children of men who had looked upon that mighty face and lived for not as
the sons of men are the Children of Light when they are not incarnate in a physical

§15. Chosen was I from the sons of men, taught by the DWELLER so that his
purposes might be fulfilled purposes yet unborn in the womb of time.

§16. Long ages I dwelt in the Temple learning ever and yet ever more wisdom, until I,
too, approached the light emitted from the great fire.

§17. Taught me he, the path to Amenti the underworld where the great king sits upon
his throne of might.

§18. Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life and the Lords of Death
receiving as my gift the Key of Life.

§19. Free was I of the Halls of Amenti, bound not be death to the circle of life. Far to
the stars I journeyed until space and time became as naught.

§ 20. Then having drunk deep of the cup of wisdom I looked into the hearts of men and
there found I greater mysteries and was glad. For only in the Search for Truth could my
Soul be stilled and the flame within be quenched.

§ 21. Down through the ages I lived seeing those around me taste of the cup of death
and return again in the light of life.

§ 22. Gradually from the Kingdoms of Atlantis passed waves of consciousness that had
been one with me only to be replaced by spawn of a lower star, [man's fall, S.G.]

§ 23. In obedience to the law the word of the Master grew into flower. Downward into
the darkness turned the thoughts of the Atlanteans until at last in this wrath arose from

his AGWANTI [Doreal: untranslatable; S.G.: detached-in-transfiguration samadhi] the DWELLER,

speaking The Word [Logos, S.G.], calling the power [via the "Law", § 219, S.G.].

§ 24. Deep in Earth's heart, the sons of Amenti heard and hearing, directing the
changing of the flower of fire [§ 168, S.G.] that burns eternally, changing and shifting,
using the LOGOS, until that great fire changed its direction.

§ 25. Over the world then broke the great waters, drowning and sinking changing
Earth's balance until only the Temple of Light was left standing on the great mountain
on UNDAL still rising out of the water some there were who were living, saved from the
rush of the fountains.

§ 26. Called to me then the Master, saying: Gather ye together my people. Take them
by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters, until ye reach the land of the hairy
barbarians dwelling in caves of the desert. Follow there the plan that yet know of.

§ 27. Gathered I then my people and entered the great ship of the Master. Upward we
rose into the morning. Dark beneath us lay the Temple. Suddenly over it rose the
waters. Vanished from Earth until the time appointed, was the great Temple.

§ 28. Fast we fled toward the sun of the morning until beneath us lay the land of the
children of KHEM. Raging, they came with cudgels and spears lifted in anger seeking to
slay and utterly destroy the Sons of Atlantis.

§ 29. Then raised I my staff and directed a ray of vibration, striking them still in their
tracks as fragments of stone of the mountain.

§ 30. Then spoke I to them in words calm and peaceful, telling them of the might of
Atlantis saying we were children of the Sun and its messengers. Cowed I them by my
display of magic-science until at my feet they groveled, when I released them.

§ 31. Long dwelt we in the land of KHEM, long and yet long again. Until obeying the
commands of the Master, who while sleeping yet lives eternally I sent from me the Sons
of Atlantis, sent them in many directions that from the womb of time wisdom might rise
again in her children.

§ 32. Long time dwelt I in the land of KHEM doing great works by the wisdom within
me. Upward grew into the light of knowledge the children of KHEM watered by the rains
of my wisdom.

§ 33. Blasted I then a path to Amenti so that I might retain my powers living from age to
age a Sun of Atlantis, keeping the wisdom, preserving the records.

§ 34. Great few the sons of KHEM, conquering the people around them, growing slowly
upwards in Soul force.

§ 35. Now for a time I go from among them into the dark halls of Amenti deep in the
halls of the Earth, before the Lords of the powers face to face once again with the

§ 36. Raised I high over the entrance, a doorway, a gateway leading down to Amenti.

§ 37. Few there would be with courage to dare it, few pass the portal to dark Amenti.
Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid using the power that overcomes Earth
force (gravity). Deep and yet deeper place I a force-house or chamber; from it carved I a
circular passage reaching almost to the great summit.

§ 38. There in the apex, set I the crystal, sending the ray into the "Time-Space,"
drawing the force from out of the ether, concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti.

§ 39. Other chambers I built and left vacant to all seeming, yet hidden within them are
the keys to Amenti. He who in courage would dare the dark realms, let him be purified
first by long fasting.

§ 40. Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber. Then reveal I to him the great
mysteries. Soon shall he follow to where I shall meet him even in the darkness of Earth
shall I meet him, I, Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, meet him and hold him and dwell with him

§ 41. Builded I the Great Pyramid patterned after the pyramid of Earth force, burning
eternally so that it, too might remain through the ages.

§ 42. In it, I builded my knowledge of "magic-science" so that I might be here when
again I return from Amenti. Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti my Soul roaming
free will incarnate dwell among men in this form or another. (Hermes, thrice-born.)

§ 43. Emissary on Earth am I of the DWELLER fulfilling his commands so many might
be lifted. Now return I to the halls of Amenti leaving behind me some of my wisdom.
Preserve ye and keep ye the command of the DWELLER: Lift ever upwards your eyes
toward the light.

§ 44. Surely in time, ye are one with the Master, surely by right ye are one with the
Master, surely by right yet are one with the ALL.

§ 45. Now, I depart from ye. Know my commandments, keep them and be them, and I
will be with you helping and guiding you into the Light.

§ 46. Now before me opens the portal. Go I down in the darkness of ni


Image from
Dr. Stefan Grossmann 2 Atlantean Philosophy Nine Bodies Of Man
1. No man shall profit at the expense of another. 2. No man singly, nor the commonwealth collectively, may take anything away from another by force. 3. All natural resources shall remain the property of the state or common- wealth and may not be claimed as a personal possession by any indi- vidual or any group of individuals not constituting the entire citizenry. 4. Every citizen and every child thereof shall be entitled to and receive equal education, equal opportunity for the expression of his ability and equal standing before the laws of the land. 5. All advancement in position shall be based upon merit and the per- formance of service alone. 6. No individual shall be entitled to retain as a personal possession any- thing for which he has not personally compensated in equal value. 7. No individual shall have the right to operate in the environment or personal affairs of another unless asked to do so by that person. The commonwealth or government may do so only where criminal or trea- sonable intent can be proved, or the civil rights of another have been violated. 8. No one may intentionally kill or injure another person, except in the defense of life or state. 9. The sanctity of the home shall be kept inviolate, and no woman may be taken in marriage without her consent. 10. In all matters affecting the common good, and when no violation of Natural Law is implied or involved, the opinion of the majority shall rule, subject only to the consent of the Elders whose decision shall be final.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flat or sphere Earth investigation


Defining terms:

  1. Flat: smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations.
  2. Sphere: is a perfectly round geometrical object in three-dimensional space that is the surface of a completely round ball
  3. Lump: a small piece or mass of something

Based on prior personal experience I formed the opinion mountains exist on Earth. I located an photographed one such mountain, see Mt.Shasta.evidence photo #1 below.  Relative to the grand scale of Earth, mountains are small and fit the definition of lumps.

Opinions and conclusions:
Based on the above, I determined Earth is lumpy, thus cant be charged with being "flat", nor a "sphere". Additionally, I recommend disposition code AVI (Asshole versus Idiot) for any / all persons perpetuating the flat versus sphere debate.End.

Knowing what to call something, isn't knowing something.

People spend their entire lives surrounded by a world their lying eyes can see is neither round nor flat, then rush home to argue on youtube its flat or round. without realizing they're conditioning themselves into 2 dimensional dumbed down thinking.. To wit...many who subscribe to the flat/round earth fiasco argue incessantly, projecting their manifest 2 dimensional mentality. 

Hilariously, grown men actually have emotionally charged video spats on the subject...the closest thing to a fist fight these "men" experience in their adult lives. Further evidence males in this nation are being effectively neutered of warrior spirit...meanwhile manhood weeps.

Having bigger egos than brains, "shape-tards", so called, refuse to back down, they care more about the appearance of winning or losing...then learning. In reality, they win nothing but a brand new mental barrier while losing the ability to think intelligently.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Blubshine or sunshine

The great 'gods' replenish their power from eon to eon.
The end of a time, is end times. Which is isnt an event, but a series of events that are ongoing. 1000 local stories will be amalgamated into one commonly accepted easily understood history myth that dead ends with a convent suspect that cant defend itself, be seen, or held accountable.

I am nobody special, I was however a meteorologist in the US Marines MOS 0847...trained for months at Ft. Sill Ok to look at the sky. For awhile the sky has been wrong, a concept I could not wrap my head around.

I also worked as a police officer and did a no nonsense investigation, after years and 1000s of of pages of notes I came to three  main conclusions:
1)The truth doesn't make sense  
2)Nobody wants to hear it.
3)Nibiru plant-x whatever is space al qaeda, a manufactured boogie man to deflect blame from reality. Sure, there will be lights in the sky...and that exactly what they are. Call it any name you like. The top echelon responsible utilize technology beyond common  understanding and rely on denial & deflection to avoid emerging from their underground bunkers to informed hostile survivors. Rather than suspects, they will emerge as saviors to desperate people.  

Forgetting everything you believe to accept a new mind blowing reality is uncomfortable, and makes you the crazy friend.

All common consensus history is a lie, let me ask: were you schooled history and Earth, or did you take a long confusing trek of self discovery?..

I offer this information as simply base matter information. We all walk our own path in life attaining our own unique wisdom.

The pupil of the eye = student of I..or Id, higher self. Similar to the Rastafarian I and I. We are learners here, our consciousness craves expansion which necessitates jumping out of a comfortable reality into the rabbit hole. Challenge yourself to do that and alter you perception of the world in a unique way, ditch the mob mentality.

At the end of the day everything about planet-whatever is useless trivia to the masses, but on a personal level, the more you learn, the sooner you can admit to being I did. Once you can see through the construct, wisdom attains clarity.